Prostate Orgasm


The “P-Spot” can make a man’s orgasm two to three times more intense, delay ejaculation and simply feel great. So why aren’t more men rubbing their prostates? Umm… because the best way to go back “there” can be a little intimidating. Many men don’t acknowledge anal stimulation as pleasurable because of the cultural taboos saying those types of activities are “gay”. But women are allowed to explore anal sex as much as we like. And we don’t even have a prostate. If you want to have an idea of what it feels like for a man to have his prostate stimulated, it has been compared to the same sensation woman experience when we stimulate our G-Spot.

The Prostate is a small gland, the size of a walnut that contributes the process of getting the semen into the vagina. It is the liquid that makes everything go smoothly and makes the environment (pH) ideal for eggs to be fertilized.

The problem for many men is that it is difficult to reach by themselves (even for a contortionist). Some toys have been created to make it a little bit easier to reach for a man by himself or for the partner.

Any massage therapist who does erotic massages needs to learn about the male prostate. Massaging it internally will produce substantially larger amounts of cum to flow.  Do it gently at first but increase the pressure over time for longer more sustained orgasms.   Your customers will thank you.

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